Beach House: After the Final Lunch



It’s as if the clouds were feeling the mood at Beach House on Sunday: patrons were glad to have it’s famed barbeque, but sad to see it go.

I dropped by at 12pm. There was no long line, but there were no more barbeque left on the grill either. They had liempo, sure, but most folks traveled to UP on a Sunday for marinated pork on skewers.

It’s the first time in decades that Beach House opened on both ends of the week. If they don’t get an extension, a hopeful wish, it’s also their last Sunday session as they’re set to close on Wednesday.

Management put up a blue “tolda” and had more tables and seats just parallel to the lining area just outside the shack. There I saw my old UP CMC batchmates, the city editor from my former workplace, and the admin of the FB page currently at the forefront of rallying support for the iconic UP food spot.

Whether they used to dine there behind the main library as students or heard the news from UP friends, everyone wanted barbeque. Right there, under the shade of trees as a kuya grilled meat next to the grass-filled beach that is Sunken Garden.

Beach House will be missed.








You can still get your fix of Beach House barbeque until Tuesday, but be early. As of 11:40am on Monday, an extremely long line has been reported. But you probably know the drill: this is University of Pila Diliman after all. Sunday’s serenity turned out to be the calm before the storm of ┬ápatrons.