Makulimlim. It’s as if the clouds were feeling the mood at Beach House on Sunday: patrons were glad to have it’s famed barbeque, but sad to see it go.

Beach House: After the Final Lunch

“35 pieces na lang po barbecue! Alam niyo na ang ibig sabihin non. Huwag ipasara ang Beach House.” It’s almost 1pm, and back when I was an undergrad student, this was my second timeslot of choice to avoid the long line for Beach House barbecue.

Beach House: The Final Lunch

I’d spend three rounds on this chair, swiping my card for a few minutes of mechanical caressing of my aching back. While kids ran around for games that dispense tickets, I’d relax. Timezone at UP Technohub has been my go-to place since college: it welcomed me when I wanted to […]

The Final 3:55

Heeeeeeee’s baaaaaaack!!! Beargguy was out for months after Croc (pictured here) accidentally bit his head off. I have a photo of what happened but it is lost. Now that he feels better, Beargguy immediately goes to protest for a cause

Beargguy Adventures #8