…or why you should line up at the malls with people thinking that the long queue you’re in is for Kathniel’s recent movie’s extended run. (Context: I overheard passersby say “ang haba ng pila sa pelikula nina Jose at Wally” when I was in line for my 3rd serving of […]

Why Rurouni Kenshin sequels matter

Tayo ang matalik na magkaibigan, partners in crime, judge ang bawat isa mula sa preliminary round hanggang sa grand finals ng The Search For The Significant Other.

Agosto Series: Best Friend

Makulimlim. It’s as if the clouds were feeling the mood at Beach House on Sunday: patrons were glad to have it’s famed barbeque, but sad to see it go.

Beach House: After the Final Lunch

“35 pieces na lang po barbecue! Alam niyo na ang ibig sabihin non. Huwag ipasara ang Beach House.” It’s almost 1pm, and back when I was an undergrad student, this was my second timeslot of choice to avoid the long line for Beach House barbecue.

Beach House: The Final Lunch

I’d spend three rounds on this chair, swiping my card for a few minutes of mechanical caressing of my aching back. While kids ran around for games that dispense tickets, I’d relax. Timezone at UP Technohub has been my go-to place since college: it welcomed me when I wanted to […]

The Final 3:55

Heeeeeeee’s baaaaaaack!!! Beargguy was out for months after Croc (pictured here) accidentally bit his head off. I have a photo of what happened but it is lost. Now that he feels better, Beargguy immediately goes to protest for a cause

Beargguy Adventures #8