Binugahan niya ako sa mukha. Tinawanan pa nila ang aking pag-ubo. Totoy. Weirdo. Weakshit. Tuloy ang paghithit nila sa dilim. “Ang arte mo naman.” Ilang taon na rin akong malinis. Matagal ko nang tinigilan ang bisyo ngunit sa tuwing nakakalanghap ako ng usok, nagbabalik ang nginig ng kamay ko. Kaya […]

Agosto Series: Relapse

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a Montblanc or a Pelikan as an heirloom, you’re probably hesitant to blow thousands of pesos on your first fountain pen (but if you can, then by all means SPEND!). If this is the case, get your hands on a pen that your wallet […]

Fountain pen noob guide: Starter Japanese pens under Php1k

You had a phase I guess, when you wrote those sharp strokes for block letters, or looped the last stroke on top of the words to turn the ‘l’s to ‘t’s in cursive. Is that a pre-2000 thing? I’d read English and Science notebooks of high school students back in […]

Scribble the what? Musings on Handwriting Day 2017

While coffee beans won’t exactly tell you what it is bitter about, the pitch it makes when dropped in a bowl could actually tell you where it was planted: by determining its density based on the sound. “A tree that grows in a warmer and lower elevation compared to a […]

‘Coffee beans can talk’ and four more things you can ...

Atty. Ticky Tabujara (a.k.a. the Pogi one) called for a mini pen meet at UP Town Center last Friday. It was a small yet fun group, and it sucks that I had to leave early to catch a TV show. But it was fine. Below are some of the nibs […]

Nib finds at the last 2016 pen meet

It’s a strange fascination for some, I guess, to obsess on fine-liners, felt-tip pens, retractable gel writers, and hard-bound black cover notebooks when a Pilot ball pen and Corona notebook would do. But there are stranger things that we could obsess on, like from purely pink houses to Santa Clauses, […]

Falling down the tricky inky world of pens

For sure, if my father lived up to this day, he would be telling me how he and some of his friends stormed Malacañang 30 years ago after Ferdinand Marcos reportedly left the Palace. Anti-Marcos groups ransacked the place, valuables were also reportedly looted. He hoped to bring home something […]

My father’s EDSA tale

Most of my entries for Agosto Series this year never made it on this blog, because they felt too real. I’m currently tweaking some to be posted here 130 araw na lang bago mag-Pasko. Lagi ko itong binibilang dahil sa araw na ito dumarating ang pinakamasayang regalo ng taon: kasama […]

Agosto Series: Countdown

Magdamag akong nakatingala sa langit, tinatanaw ang mga talang sinasapawan ng ilaw ng siyudad. Sabi ni tatay, mahirap daw makita ang mga bituin dahil masyadong maliwanag ang Maynila.

Agosto Series: Tala