CMLI and the Baguio mini-break

I got invited to CMLI’s 35th Graders’ Convention to handle photography workshop sessions for students, so I made a late-night trip to the Baguio recently. It’s my 3rd time in the City of Pines for the youth gathering: I went up twice last year for journalism workshops at the 34th Graders’ Convention and the 55th Annual Convention (for high school students).

Back in high school, I always missed going to CMLI, so experiencing it after almost eight years even if I’m on the instructing end meant a lot for me.


I only got to briefly roam around the city the next day with my girlfriend who was also in town. Our top choice was Oh My Gulay along Session Road. The food was great, and that’s coming from someone who is not fond of vegetables.


Kabute pasta. Feel free to make shrooms and Baguio jokes.


Oh My Gulay Rice. I can eat this every other day.


Lumpia salad!

The final workshop was supposed to be a continuation of hands-on exercises, but weather forced us to seek shelter in a nearby cottage. We watched an old KNN documentary about photography, and talked about photos, and settings, and taking scary shots.

IMG_6068 IMG_6070 IMG_6071 IMG_6072


Then this happened during the recognition ceremony.


IMG_6079 IMG_6076

Thanks again CMLI for bringing me in!


P.S. I capped off the night with my cousin, who is a local, and my girlfriend, who was also in town, at Beans Stalk.

IMG_6110 IMG_6113 IMG_6111