Falling for the falls: Marilag’s tourism bid

Deviating from the usually crowded beach getaway and planning a waterfalls escape might seem far-fetched. Pinoy netizens, for one, have decried the apparent demise of Antipolo’s Hinulugang Taktak, arguably the most famous of its kind since its folk song immortalization. Although water still flows from the famous falls, visitors can no longer take a dip in its spring like the song suggests, perhaps shelving any craving for a strong, cold shower courtesy of nature.

But for the locals of Sta. Maria, Laguna, a venue for such respite can be found in their town.

A boy wades through the Three Falls’ stream, which can be knee to waist deep at its shallow parts.

In an attempt to build a golden road toward tourism sustainability, the fourth-class municipality has recently developed its own eco-park, highlighted by a 30-minute hike to a literally-named Three Falls.
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