Beach House: The Final Lunch 2


“35 pieces na lang po barbecue! Alam niyo na ang ibig sabihin non. Huwag ipasara ang Beach House.”

It’s almost 1pm, and back when I was an undergrad student, this was my second timeslot of choice to avoid the long line for Beach House barbecue.

Now there’s a queue of almost 20 people from the ordering point and you can be sure each one won’t be getting just a good stick each. I came at 12pm and it took me 20 minutes to get my lunch. Ubusan.


A customer shouted out updates from up front. “Magbilang na tayo hanggang dulo, 1-2-3… Gutom na ako.”

“33 na lang po, seryoso! Ikaw kuya ilan sa iyo? Tatlo? Naku algorithm pala ito. Exponential papunta sa dulo.”

That’s UP for you folks.


Each UP Diliman student has his/ber Beach House memories. This is where I first ate with my previous blockmates after our CMC orientation. It’s also where I’d drop by to get ice cold water from their jug, and get cheap 1-bbq-half-cup-with-misua(?)-soup combo for under 30 pesos.

My 3-stick-2-rice-cup meal with Mountain Dew cost 140 pesos.


Everyone wanted barbecue, of course. Other families even ordered batches for takeout after dining in. Kuya Elmer at the cashier told those in line that “hindi namin inaasahan ito. Sa Lunes, dadamihan namin ang dala.”

Beach House is set to close on July 9, after losing an eviction case on grounds of sanitary issues. A group of alumni tried to appeal through, but to no avail.

The iconic barbecue spot’s future is still unsure, with offers for a spot at AS still shaky. They are also looking at options along Maginhawa, “para pwede kahit gabi,” I overheard Kuya Elmer.

But while relocating Beach House may keep the barbecue alive, dining experience under the trees right behind the main library won’t be coming with it.

After all, more than the relatively sulit food, it’s eating under fresh air with occasional falling higad and dahon risk while overhearing intellectual and bobo conversations from the other table that makes Beach House, in its current spot, UP.

It will be missed.

If you still want to get Beach House barbecue, you have can go there on Monday and Tuesday. We’ve been told they will bring more, with Saturday’s crowd indicating a heavy turnout before the iconic kainan shuts down.

Also, do you have special memories of Beach House? Dito ka ba sinagot ng kasintahan mo, o naulinigan mula sa mga kaibigan niya na pinagnanasahan ~I mean, type ~ ka niya? I’d love to hear from you.

UPDATE: Beach House will be open tomorrow, June 6, 11am-2pm. But since this is University of Pila Diliman, expect a heavy line to form early. Habol pa!

All photos taken on June 5, except the top photo which was taken on Feb 16.